Brexit & Shipping to the UK

Brexit & Blaster-Time

//Last update: 2021/01/09

As the UK left the Europinion Union we have temporarily stopped shipping to the UK. Because a deal was struck on the 24th of december 2020, that didn’t leave us much time to prepare. We are trying to figure out the details and set-up our systems so we can deliver to you as soon as possible.

What is the problem?

To ship to the UK, we need to charge UK VAT. To arrange that, we need to set up our systems correctly to do that. We also need an UK VAT number from HMRC. These processes all take time.
On top of that, due to COVID restrictions and delays with the new rules taking place, shipping is currently very unreliable and unpredictable. Until this is sorted out we can’t ship to the UK.

When will you ship to the UK again?

We hope soon, but we really can’t tell. Realistically it might take a few weeks. If we all get sorted we will resume shipping and have to experience how it goes. Import in the UK can take up to 4 weeks. (legal timeframe in which a package needs to clear customs). Time will have to tell how this goes.

Will there be import costs when you are shipping again?

When we can resume shipping again, we need to charge 20% UK VAT on your order of under 135 GBP. This ensures the shipment will clear customs easily, as we are responsible for the VAT. For orders over 135 GBP, the package will be cleared by customs, and you will be billed for the VAT + import costs. According to our research the import tariff for toys is 2%, but it is the receiver/customer duty to research and pay the costs involved with importing.


Do you have additional questions regarding shipping to the UK? Let us know! If you want to be the first to receive a shipment let us know! (looking for test orders so we can get an idea of transit times)


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