Brexit & Shipping to the UK

Brexit & Blaster-Time

//Last update: 2021/04/13


We have resumed shipping to the UK. Please bear in mind some changes, as outlined below:

Shipping options: right now we offer 2 options: DPD and PostNL. Both have delays, at this time we can’t say which service is faster or better. PostNL will hand over the package to a local carrier, which will deliver it. With DPD the package will stay with DPD until delivery. Please expect some delays.

ORDERS BELOW 135 GBP: 20% UK VAT is charged. There should be no import costs.
ORDERS ABOVE 135 GBP: No VAT is charged. The VAT will be collected by the delivery service (and they will most likely charge a fee for that)!

If VAT is already included, the value in your cart will say “includes €xx,xx Tax


What is the problem?

The UK left the EU, and we have to deal with new regulations. It took some time, but we have setup the website to properly deal with the new regulations, and we are shipping again!

Will there be import costs?

We need to charge 20% UK VAT on your order of under 135 GBP. This ensures the shipment will clear customs easily, as we are responsible for the VAT. For orders over 135 GBP, the package will be cleared by customs, and you will be billed for the VAT + (possibly) import costs. According to our research the import tariff for toys is 2%, but it is the receiver/customer duty to research and pay the costs involved with importing.


6 Replies to “Brexit & Shipping to the UK”

    1. We need to finish the paperwork for our UK VAT number and set up our system in the right way. Due to time constraints, we haven’t finished that process yet. It will take some time before it’s all arranged.

  1. Great to see you have the tax info now. Is the site now set up for delivery to the UK?

    1. Setup will be arranged early next week, most likely on monday. First packages are on their way to the UK (to test how things go). This page will be updated once everythings is arranged.

      1. Sorry for the delay, the web developers had a delay. We have a call setup for tuesday, to hopefully finish the setup next week. Fingers crossed!

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