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Dart Zone Blasters are coming to Europe!

You may have heard it already as it was first announced at Foam Fest Live 2: we are working with Dart Zone to bring more products to Europe! At Blaster-Time we want to get the best foam-flinging products to you, wherever you live. This has not always been easy, as a lot of products were not available in Europe.

We are excited to announce that we will be working with Dart Zone to bring more awesome products to Europe! The first products are already added to the shop, and will arrive at the end of november 2021. While at first we expected products to arrive in july, this date has been pushed back to november. The good new is: we will get more products! (like the mk2 and pro darts…)
You can leave your e-mail addres at the products pages so you get notified once the products come in stock. This also helps us to get more information about which products you are waiting for!

Which Dart Zone products will come to Europe?

We are always working on more awesome products to offer in the shop! We are just getting started, more products will follow! We have had lots of messages asking us for more Dart Zone products. Please keep doing that! – it helps us decide what to offer next. Let us know what you are waiting for.

Check out the products that are coming in November 2021 below!



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  1. Why does it take so long to ship some blaster? Really just curious, I know many people are working on it.

    1. It’s a bit more than “some blasters” Usually these orders are arranged months in advance. Due to extra setbacks like material and energy shortages in China, the delivery date was delayed. A lot of toy manufacturers have had problems with this. Once the order is shipped (it is on the way now), it still takes 4 weeks bij container ship plus the time needed to unload and deliver to our warehouse.

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