Delivery Update – Peak Period

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//Last update: 2020-11-20

The peak period for online shops has started. Towards the end of the year more people order online, putting a strain on shipping companies. With a global pandemic, online purchasing has increased even more. The increased volume, paired with increased safety measures is leading to more delays than usual.

current measures

  • No Shipping on Monday Orders ready for shipping on monday, will be handed to PostNL on tuesday. After the weekend, PostNL is receiving so much packages, that they can’t process them all. By handing over packages later in the week, there is actually a better chance they will arrive in time. We will still prepare your order on monday, but tracking info will follow later when it’s handed over to PostNL

What is PostNL doing?

At Blaster-Time we ship orders with PostNL. This is the biggest shipping company in the Netherlands. Because of the pandemic, PostNL increased its capacity by 40 percent. With the Peak Season, they managed to increase their capacity by another 30%. Even with these measures the volume of packages to process is simply too big.

What are we doing?

We are preparing your orders as soon as possible, so they have a better chance to arrive in time. We are shipping orders 5 days a week. Orders usually are ready for shipping the same or the next day. Please refer to the top of this article to check the current status.

What can you expect?

Expect delays. Please be patient, we are all trying as hard as we can. If your order is more than a few days delayed, please let us know so we can look into it.




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