F10555/Worker Caliburn 3D-Printed Blaster Kit Assembly Instructions

Below you will find assembly instructions for the Worker Caliburn Kit.
Look carefully at the instructions before starting to assemble the blaster.

Some things to keep in mind with assembly:

  • There are small aligning-pins included in the kit. Use those to keep the parts well aligned
  • The hardware used is metric: therefore the nuts are not locked by the 3D-printed parts. It may help to use double nuts to lock parts in place and prevent them from coming loose.
  • 3D printed parts can be fragile: take care when handling parts.
  • some holes, especially those for the pins can be a bit thight. Using a drill or file may help to get the pins in.
  • Use sufficient lube for the plunger and all moving parts.
  • The Worker spring is hard to prime. Consider and try different springs like the K25 and K26 and see what you like.
  • Stronger internals are also availble!


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