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Worker Caliburn – Metal Internals

Edit: Metal parts now available in our shop!

More news about the Worker Caliburn designed by Captain Slug!
Worker is working on a metal internals set for the Caliburn!
After discussing about availability of spare Caliburn parts I was told they’re working on metal internals.

The internal parts will be CNC machined from Aluminium.
We don’t know much yet about these parts yet: but they will most likely be anodized.
The picture shows the design of the parts. In the picture we see:

  • ram head
  • plunger
  • trigger
  • sear
  • magrelease
  • trigger guard

The only other thing we can tell you: “It will be very cheap” – according to Worker.

The Metal Internals set for the Caliburn is expected to be ready middle or end of january.
We will be offering it in the shop soon after that.

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