Foam Focus 3D-Printed parts

Daybreak Flywheel Cage for Nerf Stryfe Rapidstrike - 3D Printed

Foam Focus 3D-Print farm

All the Foam Focus parts are 3D-printed in the Netherlands. We print all parts on Prusa Printers. For filament we use High Quality Filament from Prusament.
We only use high quality machines and filament to achieve the best result possible.

Parts in stock / Availability

We aim to keep all of our 3D-printed parts in stock – ready to ship. This is not possible for all parts, so we allow back-order on these parts.
When you order a part that is backordered, we will print it for you as soon as possible. Expect 1-2 days extra leadtime on your order with back-order parts.

3D-Printed part colors

We offer parts in various colors. Below you will see the colors we currently offer.
If you would like to see a color we currently don’t offer – please let us know!

Internal parts that are offered in assorted colors might come in any of the colors below. We use Orange as our standard color for these, but when another color is loaded on the printer, we use that color.

3D printed parts disclaimer

The Foam Focus 3D-printed parts are printed in PLA plastic. PLA plastic gets soft around 50 degrees Celcius, a temperature that can be reached in a car in the sun.
Do not keep 3D-printed parts in your car in the summer! If you leave 3D-printed parts in a hot place, they might deform.

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