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Hare Technology Diana Tips

It can be a bit of a challenge to know how to properly use the Hare Technology Diana. That’s why we have created some graphics to hopefully clarify some of the features.

The front sight of the Diana has a light built in, this isn’t just for cool looks or better targeting in dark environments, it also tells you if there is an error or if your battery is low.


The Diana has 3 different firing modes. You can switch between firing modes by putting the switch in the position which corresponds with the mode you want to use and by following the steps below.

How to switch firing modes HC diana blaster

HC diana firing mode 1 safe semi and full auto  HC Diana firing mode 2, safe, 2 round burst, full autoHC diana Firing mode 3, safe, 3 round burst, full auto

One Reply to “Hare Technology Diana Tips”

  1. Hi,
    since it’s not really mentioned where to put the selector switch to toggle the modes, I assume it’s on SAFE for pic 1
    SINGLE/BURSTFIRE for pic 2 and
    FULLAUTO for the firing mode in pic 3, am I right?


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