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More Dart Zone Blasters are coming to Europe!

We have had a nice first selection of Dart Zone blaster available – and we are happy to announce that more is coming! We want to bring a lot of Dart Zone Blasters to Europe. Below you will find info on which blasters arriving next, and even more will follow later in 2022!

Currently the estimated arrivel date is end of may 2022. This is based on the confirmed shipping date. Unfortunately shipping remains a big headache; delays are possible, but we shouldn’t be far off on the estimate.

Click here to see the previous Dart Zone arrival.

Which Dart Zone Products are arrving in May?

Check out the products that are coming in May 2022 below!

Even though the blasters are arriving in May, you can Pre-Order them now! By pre-ordering now you know you will be among the first to receive your blaster, and you get a nice pre-order discount! Click here to learn more about our pre-orders.




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