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Pim – Cosplay/Nerf War Stryfe – Modded Blaster Feature

Goal of the build

In the beginning I was making a cosplay prop. After a few tries I took the Stryfe as my base blaster. After the build evolved it became a useable war blaster for our nerf wars in the Netherlands
The Stryfe is used both as a cosplay prop and war primary blaster.

The modder

My name is Pim, 29 years old and just started nerf modding a year ago after an attempt to make a cosplay prop.  This is my first self made blaster and attempt to solder. I’ve learnt through the process of this blaster and destroyed a couple of motor sets too reach this result.


The base is a basic Stryfe, with the full Worker Kriss Vector body kit with the threaded orange supressor on the front. The stock is a Worker AK Shoulder Stock. On top is a worker picatinny rail with a Chinese scope that has a small red dot at the top. The scopes are purely for cosmetic purposes. At the back of the rail I have a Worker sling point. The trigger is an aluminium trigger and I have an extended Worker mag release.
A friend of mine printed the extended battery tray and the bobololo style rev trigger in PLA.

The blaster is painted in a copper color with spray paints. A basecoat of multiple layers of black and a soft layer of bronze on top. I’ve used a towel to ‘drybrush’ and create a wasted and used look. The  silver details are done with miniature hobby paint.


Internally it’s a beast in my opinion. It runs an 3s Graphene Panther LiPo 1.Ah. The flywheel cage is a 3D-printed high crush OFP gen 2 cage with 41.5mm spacing. Wheels are Worker high crush  wheels. As motors I ended up with OOD Krakens, which I can strongly recommend. For easy soldering I used the Kelly Industries motor boards with an XT60 connector. The switch is a FoamBlast Tenzuo 21A switch.


With this setup I’m really impressed and satisfied with the performance. The best dart choice for this blaster are the accufakes and waffle heads. The averages for these darts are:

Accufakes: 163 Fps

Waffle: 155 fps

Both hit lows 140s and high at 170+




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