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NIRODHA HPA Bullpup Nerf Blaster

Do you want to get into Nerf blaster HPA builds? A designer from the Netherlands, Marten Koning, better known under the name NIRODHA has designed a cool bullpup blaster with onboard HPA tank.With the NIRODHA Bullpup you get a compact blaster with on-board air so you can move around the field freely. The  blaster is fully 3d-printed.

Want to check out the creator of this excellent HPA blaster? Click Links below to learn more!

NIRODHA’s Thingiverse

NIRODHA’s Instagram

In the store you find everything you need to build the Bullpup. Below you find a table with all the parts you will need. Click on a part name to go to the productpage. You can also check out the Configuration here, and select the parts you need to make sure you order all you need! (under development)

Download the files and read more about the HPA Bullpup on the Thingiverse page!

WARNING: Before you start with HPA builds, familiarize yourself with the subject and do it in a safe way. We are not responsible for any injury coming from you building a blaster like this. When in doubt consult an experienced builder or expert. HPA Nerf blasters are no toys and you should act responsibly when building and using one.

Want to select all the parts for your build easily? Use the Product Builder here!

NIRODHA Bullpup HPA Blaster BOM

Part Description Quantity
HPA Core This is the heart of the blaster, the engine that makes it all work 1
Air Tank The Air Tank that powers this blaster 1
Regulator This is the part where you connect the HPA bottle to the blaster. 1
Empire Adapter This stainless steel adapter allows you to use a push in connector in your Empire ASA Regulator 1
MJVO-3 Valve This is the air-valve that acts as the trigger for the blaster 1
JET Thread barrel The barrel that guides your dart to the enemy 1
Threaded 90 degree connector connectors to connect all HPA parts together 1
Stem 90 degree connector connectors to connect all HPA parts together 1
Push in fitting connectors to connect all HPA parts together 3
6 mm OD pneumatic hose The hose that runs between the connectors 1
NIRODHA Bullpup Hardware kit All the bolts and hardware you need to complete assemble the blaster (coming soon) 1

Tools & Supplies you need to build and maintain the blaster

Item Description Quantity
Epoxy Glue You’ll need to glue together some parts. You can get 2-part epoxy at most hardware stores 1
Sandpaper To fit printed parts together a bit of sandpaper can be helpful 1
Various tools Screwdrivers, allen keys, wrenches, the usual tools from your toolbox 1
100cSt Silicone oil You need this oil to service your SUPER core 1

Optional Accessories

Item Description
Worker Talon Magazine The Magazines to use in this blaster
Worker Short Darts gen. 3 Darts to use in your blaster
Worker Vertical Grip This grip goes perfectly on the front of the blaster and is very comfortable
Picatinny Sling Mounts Sling mounts to attach to the top rail of the blaster
Worker MS2 Sling Sling to carry the blaster






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