Sabre Apex Prime -FPS Numbers

Below you will find the FPS results for the SABRE APEX Prime with Worker HE darts – 1.0 gram

Each setup is tested with at least 20 shots over the chronograph to give you the best performance indication possible.
From each setup we report the highest, lowest and average, as well as the standard deviation.
The standard deviation is an important metric as it shows the consistency between shots, which is important for accuracy.

Please keep in mind this overview is meant as an indication. Dart quality, blaster seals, lubrication, climate and other factors have an effect on performance.

Chronograph used: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph


Spring 2mm 2mm 2.3mm 2.3mm
Barrel 580mm 700mm 580mm 700mm
Scar Included Included Included Included
Highest 257 263 319 304
Lowest 240 227 275 264
Average 249.2 249.5 299.1 283.1 5.7 10.7 10.6 11.4


2 Replies to “Sabre Apex Prime -FPS Numbers”

    1. I fairly certain that Bradley gets his higher fps numbers (and higher from the bamboo darts he uses (Worker Bamboo short darts), since bamboo darts generally get much higher fps. Blaster-time has tested with normal workers, as they normally do.

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