3D-Printed BCAR for Game Face Trion


3D-printed BCAR designed for the Game Face Trion. This BCAR uses 9 bearings in a printed frame and attaches right to the front of your blaster. A BCAR is good method to increase the accuracy of your Trion. This part is designed by Anaphalaxas (click for link).

Note: BCAR might go on a little bit tight the first few times. If you can’t get it to snap into place, there are four tiny nubs at the very base of the inside that you can lightly file to make it a little easier. These nubs are what engage against the corners of the Trion’s attachment point to keep in place, so don’t completely remove them.

Note: This is a kit, and needs assembly. The pins need to be pushed in to put the bearings in. Kit includes 9 bearings and 9 pins needed.

Pictured Color: Galaxy Silver
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