Dart Zone Max Omnia


This item will be released 26/10/2023.

The Dart Zone Max Omnia is a short dart flywheel blaster powered by a Lithium-Ion battery! The Omnia is a select fire blaster, you can shoot in single, burst or full-auto mode. The fire rate in full-auto modus is up to 7 darts per second! The Omnia comes with a 15-round magazine for short darts, and is compatible with Talon magazines. Included is an adjustable stock that mounts on standard stock attachment point. The blaster comes with 30 Dart Zone Max Ruby short darts, and includes safety glasses. The Omnia is powered by the included 7.4V Lithium-Ion battery with an 1.800 mAh capacity. This battery has an XT30 connector to connect it to the blaster, and can easily be charged from a USB port with the included charging cable.

Extra batteries are available, so you can play non-stop!

Click for version without battery for destinations where we can’t ship products with Lithium batteries!

High power sports blaster: Not a toy. Recommended for ages 14+

>> We will receive updated Omnia blasters from new production – this will be the improved version.

Available for pre-ordering

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