Gens Ace IMARS Mini G-Tech USB-C Charger for 2S-4S LiPo Battery – Complete


Gens Ace IMARS Mini Charger is an Intelligent Charger which makes charging your LiPo batteries really easy! Connect your LiPo battery, select the battery type and hold the charge button to start charging. The battery voltage will automatically be set by the charger, and the charging current will be adjusted to the battery.  No need to figure out settings! Same goes for the storage function which will automatically charge or decharge the battery as needed.

The Gens Ace IMARS Mini Charger works on a USB-C cable and comes with a 60 Watt USB-C Smart Charger. The charger has a max charging current of 5A. Maximum power output for charging is 60 Watt, max discharge rate is 3 Watt. Supported batteries: LiPo, LiHv, LiFe (2-4S), NiMH(2-12S). Charger comes with XT60 to Deans and XT60 to EC3 charging cables.

Smallest, Lightest and easiest to use LiPo charger!

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