Hare Technology Diana – Brushless Flywheel Blaster


The Hare Technology Diana is a small but powerful Brushless Flywheel Blaster. This compact blaster is quickly becoming a popular side-arm blaster. The Diana is extremely quiet for a flywheel blaster. The blaster can be used in Semi-auto, Burst or Full-auto mode. The Diana has an idle-mode, in which the flywheels keep running at a low speed. This feature removes delay when pulling the trigger, for a super quick response time. With a holster, this idle feature can be triggered when pulling the blaster from the holster. The blaster comes with a 10-round magazine which is proprietary to the blaster. Worker MINI Talon magazines can be modified for use in this blaster. The Diana can be used with 3S and 4S batteries and averages around 140 FPS on a 4S battery.

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