Hydro Strike Stratos Pro – Motorized Gel Blaster


This item will be released 26/10/2023.

The Hydro Strike Stratos Pro is a motorized Gel blaster that shoots gel balls that burst on impact! The gel balls fire from the blaster with a high velocity and burst on impact, no need to pick up. Hydrate the gel balls for up to 4 hours in water to prepare them for use. The Stratos Pro is a fully automatic motorized Gel blaster that shoots gel balls from a big drum magazine that holds 1.200 Gel balls . The blaster shoots gel balls from the spinning barrel at a velocity of 200 FPS, up to 10 rounds per second. You can play day or night with the Hydro Strike Stratos Pro, it charges glow in the dark Gel Balls for use in the dark. The blaster comes with 10.000 Glow In The Dark Gel Balls, a Hydration Pouch and protective goggles. The Pulsar Pro is powered by the included 7.4V Lithium-Ion battery with an 1.800 mAh capacity. This battery has an XT30 connector to connect it to the blaster, and can easily be charged from a USB port with the included charging cable.

Extra batteries are available, so you can play non-stop!
Extra magazines available too!


  • Motorized Gel blaster
  • Powered by (included) rechargeable battery
  • Up to 10 rounds per second
  • Velocity: 200 FPS

Available for pre-ordering

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