Kelly Industries Flywheel Motor Solder Board


These Flywheel Motor Boards make soldering wires to your upgrade motors a lot easier! The board can be used with wires or with a XT60 connector to make swapping of cages really easy. Comes with plastic spacers so you prevent shorting out the motors.

Attention: First picture shows version 1.5 (what you get) rest of pictures = version 1.4

  • Description
    • Boards made to make soldering motors easier
    • Designed and made by Kelly Industries
    • Can be used with or without XT60 connector
    • Easy cage swapping with XT60
    • Can handle High power builds
    • Green boards with one plastic spacer
    • Version 1.5
  • Additional information
    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A

    XT60 only, Board only, Board with XT60 connector

    Compatible with

    NERF Stryfe, NERF RapidStrike, NERF Hyperfire, NERF Infinus, NERF Evader, NERF Modulus ECS-10, Worker Swordfish, NERF Modulus Regulator, NERF Rayven(fire)

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