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NERF N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15


The Trilogy DS-15 is a blaster that ejects shells! The shells hold 3 darts that shoot at once. When you prime the blaster to shoot again, the shell is automaticly ejected from the blaster. The blaster holds 1 shell at a time, and can store 5 shells in the stock. Comes with 5 shells and 15 NERF Elite darts.

  • Description
    • Shell ejecting blaster
    • Automaticly ejects shell when priming
    • Shoots 3 darts at once
    • Holds one shell at a time
    • Stock has storage for 5 shells
    • Comes with 5 shells and 15 Elite darts
  • Additional information
    Weight 1.500 kg
    Dimensions 65 × 29 × 7 cm
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