NERF Pro Gelfire Mythic – Motorized Gel Blaster


Burst into battle with the Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic – a motorized Gel blaster that shoots gel balls that burst on impact! The gel balls fire from the blaster with a high velocity and burst on impact, no need to pick up. Hydrate the gel balls in water to prepare them for use. The Gelfire Mythic is a fully automatic motorized gel blaster with an 800-round hopper. The Mythic can be used in full-auto or semi-auto mode. The blaster has an extendable stock and removable barrel. The blaster comes with 1.600 pre-hydrated gel balls and safety goggles. Blaster is powered by an easy to remove rechargeable battery that can be charged from a USB port with the included cable.

  • Motorized Gel blaster
  • Powered by (included) rechargeable battery
  • Semi-auto and Full-auto mode
  • Velocity: 80 FPS

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