Original Moggih – Replacement Magic Smoke for Electric Blasters


We’ve all experienced it: you are working on the wiring of a blaster and you really mess it up. Within seconds you lose the precious magic smoke contained in the wires and watch it disappear into the air, together with the hopes of a quick and easy blaster modification.

But fear not, we have developed a solution! Together with the smartest scientists from Germany we are proud to present: Original Moggih, Replacement Magic Smoke in a bottle! The easiest solution to revive your broken electric blasters. Each small bottle contains enough smoke to revive several blasters. The exact number depends on the blaster: multi-stage flywheel setups require more magic smoke than standard flywheel blasters. Thanks to the handy integrated XT60 connector it’s easy to connect the bottle to your blaster. Available in 3 different variations. The Replacement Magic Smoke is compatible with all electric dartblasters from all brands and homemade blasters.

Note: Grey dust on the bottom of the bottle is settled smoke, this is normal. Shake thoroughly before use.

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This item is discontinued and no longer available.

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