Phantom Tech Kirin – Bolt Action Shell Ejecting Blaster


The Phantom Tech Kirin A is a bolt-action blaster with shell ejection! Designed by Heath in collaboration with Shellington Labs and injection molded by Phantom Tech. A true community blaster now injection molded. The blaster can be easily serviced thanks to the takedown pins. The bolt can be switched between the left and right side. The stock of the blaster has a nice rubber pad. The blaster comes with 3 springs included, and can be setup to shoot between 140 and 250 FPS. The aluminium barrel has a lenght of 360 mm. The Phantom Tech Kirin is available in Teal and White. The blaster comes with 2 magazines that hold 7 shells, 20 shells and 20 short darts.

The shell ejection action is really cool to use, but if you don’t want to use shells, there is a conversion kit to use the blaster with Angled Talon magazines. This conversion kit is available separately.

White Kirin comes with Transparent Black + Transparent Magazine
Teal Kirin comes with Transparent Orange + Transparent Magazine

To learn more about the blaster – watch our YouTube video (click to open).

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