SLAB Metric Hardware Kit


This Hardware Kit for for the SLAB contains all Metric hardware needed to build a SLAB – Silly’s Lever Action Blaster. The SLAB is a unique lever-action blaster that is a lot of fun to use. This kit does NOT contains the 3D-printed parts. Files for 3D-printing can be downloaded from Sillybutts Github page. Be sure to print the Metric parts for use with this hardware kit.

The hardware kit comes with a Foam Focus X-Shot Pro-Series Longshot spring for an average for XX FPS. The SLAB is also compatible with our other springs for the X-Shot Pro-Series Longshot.

Click for the super detailed Sillybutts Assembly Guide.

Click for the easy to follow Build Guide from Out Of Darts.

Note: Build guides are for the Imperial hardware, so there will be slight diferences
Note: In our kit, the short pins are 2 lefts. The shortest pin is used in the catch mechanism

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