Worker Nightingale 2.0 – Full Auto Version


This item will be released 18/07/2024.

The Worker Nightingale 2.0 is a small flywheel blaster and the successor to the original Worker Nightingale. The Nightingale 2.0 has new 132 size motors with more torque that provide faster spin-up times. The blaster comes with a metal front and metal picatinny rails already installed. The Nightingale fires short darts which are loaded in a MINI angled Talon magazine. The MINI angled Talon magazine has a nice TPR rubber bumper on it (also available separately). The magazine fits through the grip of the blaster. The blaster works on 2S, 3S and 4S LiPo battery with XT30 connector (available separately). You can choose which LiPo to use based on the performance you want to get out of the blaster. Click here for the Blog Post with FPS numbers for the Nightingale 2.0.

Full-Auto Version. Rate of fire is 6 darts per second on 2S, 11 darts per second on 3S and 15 darts per second on 4S. Available in 5 colors.

NOTE: Don’t use darts with a hard tip or darts with a wide head with this blaster.

Click here to check compatible batteries for this blaster.

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