Worker Vaseline Lubrication Grease


Small package of Worker Vaseline Lubrication Grease. This is the same as you find in Worker Spring Upgrade Kits. Can be used as lubrication in spring powered blasters.

  • Description
    • Small package of Worker Vaseline
    • Can be used for lubricaton of spring powered nerf blasters
    • Safe for O-rings
  • Additional information
    Weight 0.010 kg
    Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 cm
    Compatible with

    NERF LongShot, NERF Retaliator, NERF Hammershot, Worker Prophecy, NERF Alpha Trooper, BuzzBee Ultra Tek Rapid-Tek (Sentinel), NERF Disruptor, NERF Flipfury, NERF Jolt, NERF Mega Cycloneshock, NERF Modulus Mediator, NERF Modulus Tri-Strike, NERF Recon mk2, NERF Rival Apollo, NERF Rival Artemis, NERF Rival Atlas, NERF Rival Hades, NERF Rival Helios, NERF Rival Kronos, NERF Sledgefire, NERF Strongarm, NERF Surgefire

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