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XYL KM9 Unicorn Blaster


This item will be released 08/07/2023.

The XYL KM9 Unicorn Blaster is a very compact blaster with a lot of customization options. The blaster is fully made of high quality materials like Nylon and Metal, and has a unique construction, different from most dart blasters. This makes the blaster extremely robust. The Unicorn can be primed with a top prime grip or a pumpgrip, whichever you prefer. The Unicorn has slam-fire and is compatible with Talon magazines. The blaster comes with an adjustable stock, as well as stock adapter that attaches to the grip. The blaster is easily serviceable with 2 take-down pins.

Our version of the Unicorn comes with a plungertube that doesn’t have as slot in it (also known as “full gas”) for maximum performance. The Unicorn comes with a 1.6 spring installed. Includes 10 darts made from hard EPP foam (with hard tips, only suitable for target practice).

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