Worker Swift Performance – FPS numbers

worker swift

One of our most popular high performance blasters is the Worker Swift. This is a short-dart blaster from Worker that works with talon magazines. With its unique design it is possible to quickly swap barrels and springs to find the perfect performance for the games you play.

However, with all the different spring and barrel options it can be difficult to find the right combination, that’s why we have tested all of the spring and barrel combinations to give you an accurate estimate of the performance you can expect.

Our test-swift has the following internals:

Metal dart gate
Metal trigger
-Red O-rings

The rest of the internals are completely stock. During our testing we shot 20 darts through our chronograph after which we removed the highest and the lowest reading and any potential outliers due to bad darts. We also tested the fps with the included Worker scar. For darts we used Black Worker Short Darts Gen3+. We lubricated the blaster with a mix of Super Lube Synthetic Grease and Super Lube Synthetic Oil. This gives us the following results:

Barrel Spring Scar Average fps Lowest reading Highest reading
Short 1.2 No 117 100 129
Short 1.2 Yes 112 91 132
Medium 1.2 No 124 110 133
Medium 1.2 Yes 116 102 134
Short 1.4 No 169 161 176
Short 1.4 Yes 180 172 191
Medium 1.4 No 188 173 199
Medium 1.4 Yes 196 184 205
Long 1.4 No 181 153 204
Long 1.4 Yes 184 156 201
Short 1.6 No 216 209 223
Short 1.6 Yes 231 225 241
Medium 1.6 No 248 239 262
Medium 1.6 Yes 257 236 267
Long 1.6 No 278 258 292
Long 1.6 Yes 280 258 294


Please note that performance may vary between blasters. Performance depends on barrel seal, lubrication, darts and even climate. With improved seals, you might even get higher performance than in our tests. This just serves as base numbers so you know what to expect.

The 1.2 spring in combination with the long barrel has not been included because of the barrel length giving inconsistent fps.

The 1.8 spring has not been included in our testing. When we did try it we got performance of 300+fps, however it was in our opinion not practical for games due to the high spring strength. The 1.8 spring is only recommended for experienced modders.

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