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Worker Terminator – Clear Longshot Shell

The Worker Terminator – Their take on the Longshot shell – is finally anounced! Read all about it below:

Want to watch a video about the blaster working first? Click here to watch it on YouTube!

Assembly instructions can be found here: Worker Terminator Assembly Instructions

The Worker Terminator Shell

The shell is made from Clear PolyCarbonate. This makes it a really solid shell.
The Terminator shell fits Longshot internals. Still has the option to stock bolt handles.
Great integrated toprail and sling mounts.


Worker Terminator Internals Kit

The internals we already know for the Longshot. Nice combination of molded plastic parts – and CNC machined parts. This is a complete kit to build a complete blaster. Just need a shell and Pump Grip to complete it. Comes with an 18 kg spring.

Worker Terminator Pump Grip Type A

This is a Pump Grip we already know from the Longshot – but this one is adjusted to work with the Terminator. Printed from PLA plastic.

Worker Terminator Pump Grip Type B

Another Pump Grip for the Worker Terminator. Printed from PLA plastic.


Worker is claiming 200 FPS with the Shell and Internals  kit (18 kg spring) using their new Short Dart Kits. However, we suspect this can be much higher. Worker is using a relatively short barrel in their setup and there is room for a longer barrel. This would easily put this setup at 250+ FPS. We will have to see what performance people will get with the setup.



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