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JET Blaster Katana Magazine with Adapter


With the JET Blaster Katana Magazine and Adapter kit you can convert your blaster to shoot shorter darts: also known as stefans. The Adapter fits in a normal Nerf blaster magwell. Works directly in the CEDA, other blasters might need modificaton for using short darts. Available in: Transparent

  • Description
    • Katana magazine with 15 dart capacity and Adapter
    • The Katana magazine is specifically designed for short darts
    • Adapter fits in normal Nerf magwells
    • Fits directly in the CEDA, other blasters may need modification to work with short darts
    • Available in: Transparent
  • Additional information
    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A


    Compatible with

    NERF Stryfe, NERF LongShot, NERF Retaliator, Worker Prophecy, NERF RapidStrike, NERF Hyperfire, NERF Infinus, NERF Alpha Trooper, BuzzBee Ultra Tek Rapid-Tek (Sentinel), NERF Evader, NERF Modulus ECS-10, Worker Swordfish, NERF Modulus Mediator, NERF Modulus Regulator, NERF Modulus Tri-Strike, NERF Recon mk2, NERF Rayven(fire)

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