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COVID-19 Information

//Last update: 2020-06-13

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has a big impact on society. In this blog post we’ll keep you up to date on the situation.
At Blaster-Time we continue to bring you all foam blaster parts you need when you’re stuck at home.
We will continue to ship your orders as long as we are allowed or as long as it is possible to do safely.

What is the delivery situation?

Inside Europe – EXPECT DELAYS. We see packages arrive in time, and others have delays of a few days up to a week or more. Expect your order to be delayed. We can’t tell you how long it will be.

Outside Europe – We are shipping internationally. If you order from outside of Europe please expect delays, it may even take a few weeks. We have no control in this, and can’t tell you how long it will be. Delays from a few days until a few weeks are possible. We raised international shipping prices due to higher shipping costs due to the pandemic.

Is it safe to order and to receive my order?

Yes, ordering online is safe. Coronavirus can not be transmitted through postal packages as far as known at this time.
For our won safety we get the packages to PostNL without any physical contact and mainting a safe distance to other people.

When receiveing your order we advice you to avoid direct contact with the delivery service. Avoid contact with a terminal too, the delivery service should be able to sign on behalf of you.

Do you expect restock of some items?

We currently have plenty of stock for most items in the shop. Unfortunately the supply chain has been hit worldwide. Some items are currently sold out and will take time until restock will arrive. We are doing everything we can to get these items in stock as soon as possible. If you have a question, please feel free to send us a message.

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