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Worker Hurricane – Compact Flywheel Blaster

Worker just announced another new product: The Worker Hurricane. The Hurricane is a small flywheel powered revolver with removable rotating cylinders/magazines.
Below a breakdown of all the info we have.

Want to watch a video about the blaster working first? Click here to watch it on YouTube!

And check out the video from Luke Goodman about the Worker Hurricane!

The design is looking really similar to a design originally posted a few years ago. Watch this video: Hanaya Sh Compact Nerf blaster

The Worker Hurricane Blaster

The Hurricane is a flywheel revolver that works with a removable cylinder that holds 6 darts.
The Worker Hurricane is semi-auto with a 2-stage trigger. Pulling the trigger halfway revs the flywheels and pulling it further pushes the darts.
On the back is an on-off switch to turn the blaster on and off.

The blaster uses 130-size motors and smaller sized flywheels.
The complete blaster and cylinders are injection molded in the quality we know from Worker.
The Worker Hurricane comes completely assembled, ready for use. (for Europe this is not certain due to customs issues)

Removable Rotating Cylinder Magazines

The removable Rotating Cylinder Magazine holds 6 darts.
These magazines are available separately and come in two colors: Blue and White.
The magazines have a rotation mechanism built-in. Loading darts is done by rotating the cylinder with the knob on the back and pushing the darts in from the front.


Out of the Box the Worker Hurricane blaster comes with standard small flywheels. They are smaller than standard size flywheels for Nerf. There are also upgrade flywheels available separately. The diameter for these flywheels is 27 mm and they are similar in design to the well known slanted flywheels from Worker.

another upgrade that is available is the barrel. This allow you to use barrel attachments with the blaster

Batteries + Performance

The Worker Hurricane can be used with different kind of batteries for different kinds of performance.
The blaster comes with a battery tray for AA sizes batteries that can be used with Lithium batteries.
Worker also offers a LiPo battery that fits int he stock.

Here are the numbers claimed by worker using Nerf Elite darts:

2x Lithium AA (14500) size battery + stock flywheels:
82-91 FPS

LiPo Battery + stock flywheels :
102-105 FPS

2x Lithium AA (14500) size battery + upgrade flywheels:
95-98 FPS

LiPo Battery + upgrade flywheels:
108-115 FPS




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