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Foam Fest 2020 – Bristol (UK)

UPDATE: Unfortunately all events around Foam Fest had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow the Foam Fest page to keep up to date!

This year again, we are sponsoring and attending Foam Fest in Bristol – UK! We’re proud to be an Elite sponsor this year, and hope to see you at Foam Fest!

What is Foam Fest?

Foam Fest is a celebration of the Nerf hobby organised by members of the BritNerf community. This includes all aspects of the hobby like collecting, modding, painting, engineering and playing. Foam Fest is attracting people from all over the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and the US. (and maybe more?) Along with a lot of fun events Foam Fest is a Community Interest Company and the convention will raise money for a good cause. All money raised by the convention is donated to Off the Record Bristol (OTR). OTR is a menthal health social movement by and for young people aged 11-25.


There are a lot of events surrounding Foam Fest. below you’ll find a list of events, click on them for more info.

April 17 – Foam Flinging Skirmish – FF Edition

A whole day of high FPS foam flinging at Westminster Airsoft!
This outdoor war has a minimum age of 16 and an FPS limit of 300 FPS.

April 18 – Foam Fest, The UK’s Nerf Convention

Main event of the weekend, the convention! Exhibitors showing and displaying their stuff, raffles, interesting talks and mini games! The convention will run from 10:00 – 16:00 in UWE Centre for Sport.

April 18 – FDT The Courthouse

Foam Dart Thunder will run games in Bristol’s old crown court’s Victorian prison cells! There will be 3 sessions  played. Minimum age is 12 years, and the FPS limit is 130 FPS.

April 19 – Mod & Pizza Party

Mod party and social in a school hall. After all the intensive games its time to relax, mod something and hang out. Casual games possible in the playground. Ages 12+ and FPS limit 130 FPS.

April 23 – Blackout 077

The Dutch Nerf Community will run games in Area 077 in Venlo (The Netherlands). Area 077 is an awesome indoor airsoft location. The FPS limit for this event is 200 FPS and ammo is provided.

April 25 – Foamfest Cave War After party

A Nerf war in the Dark, organised by Games of Foam! This war will be run in the Chislehurst Caves. Because this war is in the dark the minimum age is 12 years and the FPS limit is 130 FPS.

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