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Will there be a Worker Terminator in Blue?

Recently a picture of a blue Worker Terminator shell was shared by another shop.
As big fans of the transparent blue color we decided to check with Worker if the Terminator would be available in blue soon.

So, we decided to ask the responsible person inside Worker to get the most accurate answer. Unfortunately the answer was: there will not be a blue version. The picture that was shared was a test module made in ABS material, while the final product is molded in PC. The picture wasn’t even meant to be shared publicly, it was just a picture of a test – and people got false hopes from that picture.

As Worker explained to me there will not be a blue version because of financial reasons. The mold for making the Worker Terminator is really big and a lot of money went into making that. As FoamBlast explained in this video, the making of the Worker Terminator proved to be difficult and expensive. Making the Terminator in another color would mean another production run, and an extra item to keep in stock. From a business perspective it makes sense to keep the amount of variations down to cut costs. It would remain to be seen if it would make any difference in sales figures too, people that want to build a Worker Terminator most likely will end up buying the clear shell regardless of their color preference.

Clear vs Transparent Blue

As the conversation continued I wondered why they chose clear as the one color, and didn’t go with any other color. Looking at sales figures from other Worker blaster shells it turns out about 1/3 of the products sold is Blue, while 2/3 is clear. That’s the reason Worker went with clear for the shell – it’s actually the most sold color for them.

But what about Black?

Previouw models like the Worker Prophecy were available in a Smoke Black color too – why didn’t we see that back in later models and the Terminator? According to Worker Black is actually the most popular color. It’s more popular than Clear and Transparant Blue together. However, they didn’t make the Terminator in Black. The reason is that they are selling in an international market – getting black toys through customs is a big problem for them. To avoid troubles with customs they avoid using black for shells like the Worker Terminator.

What is your favorite color?

So, we will only have a clear shell for now. Even if WOrker decides to not make a blue version for now, you never knows if they will think different about that later.
What’s your color preference? Would you just buy a clear shell even if you rather had blue? Or would you choose another color altogether? Let us know in the comments!

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