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The Worker Caliburn is coming!

Edit: Worker made some small changes: and the kit is now available in our shop! Read more about it here: Worker Caliburn Changes.

Worker just introduced the Worker Caliburn: a licensed version of the famous Caliburn from Captain Slug. The blaster is still 3D-printed and is launched under the F10555 brand.
We’ve gathered some info to give you all there is to know in one place. Therefor we’ve talked to Capatain Slug and Worker to get all the correct info.

And yes: we are adding this to the shop too! We expect to have it available in februari.

What is Worker exactly offering?

Worker is marketing the Caliburn under their F10555 brand for 3D-printed items.
The Caliburn will be printed in PLA, and at first it will be only available in a blue and white color layout. More may follow but this is uncertain.
Worker is offering the blaster as a complete parts kit. That means you’re not able to buy parts from them separately. Sellers can request replacement parts in case something breaks, but they will not be available for retail. Of course you can still always get a replacement printed by someone else.
The Worker Caliburn kit is a complete kit to build the Caliburn. You only need to get a magazine and some darts, and start assembling!
The blaster is compatible with both short and normal length darts.

Check out the demonstration video on YouTube

Is  the Worker Caliburn compatible with other Caliburn Parts?

That brings us to the next thing: the Worker Caliburn is fully compatible with all accessoires that are available for the Caliburn.
Worker modified the Caliburn to convert to metric, but overall the dimensions stay the same. They assured it’s fully compatible with all available accessoires.
There is a small difference in the details: Worker is using carbon fiber tubing for the spacers where Captain Slug is using nylon tubing.
The spring that is in the blaster is a locally produced spring but should be similar to a 788 spring

Caliburn licensing agreement

Does Worker have permission to sell this? Yes! Steven Lawver (Captain Slug) formally provided Worker with rights to produce, sell and distribute Caliburn Foam Blaster kits, assembled blasters and related accessories. He gets a royalty for everything that is sold.

This licensing agreement is a great option to get the Caliburn to a lot more users, while Captain Slug still is receiving credit for his designs.
The current Worker Caliburn is a basic blaster and because the design is open source there is a great opportunity to let people customize their blasters and let them make it their own.




2 Replies to “The Worker Caliburn is coming!”

  1. This is absolutely insane, and I love it. The fact that something like this is now possible in our hobby is mindblowing!

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